. pinxit: production
squeegee: this silk-screen printing instrument is used to put on a thick layer of paint in one go, making a smooth and even finish. When handled loosely it creates a rough structure that is paint-like and not showing a distinct handsignature of the maker.
painting ruler: this device is an oversized drawingboard ruler. It positions a ruler over the painting and can be set perfectly vertical. Moving the brush along the ruler results in a straight paintstructure, parallel to the borders of the canvas. Its range is over 100 cm vertically and 200cm horizontally.
rotating easel: mounted on the wall this easel can rotate the painting 360 degrees round its centre. Developped to paint the hard-edge colourfield paintings of the 2.- series. By using this easel the work can simply be re-positioned vertically. Wet layers can be painted alongside each other from the righthand side without having to take the painting off the easel.