. pinxit: in progress 20070324
4 series: acrylic paint. The first in a new line, new material, new colors. The color palette is limited to four: quinacridone magenta, cyan blue, light yellow and carbon black. Making a conceptual reference to CMYK printing, and the . vidit work RGB. 4.0 is a series of six square shaped paintings with picture divided in four squares of multi-layer paint with a smooth surface.
Later series will be monochromes with mathematical curves, corresponding to the frame' size, accented through difference in paint texture.
3.f series: the third series phase paintings. These monochromes, cadmium orange, permanent green and crimson red, on linen are 190 by 105 cm in size. Moving the brush along the vertical ruler of the paintingmachine results in a clean and straight painttexture. Production started in june 2005.
3.z series: circle-shaped canvasses, Ø 90 cm, with a smooth dent in the center. The color saturates towards the edge from cadmium orange, permanent green or chrome yellow to white. Made between june 2004 and november 2005.