.pinxit : WALLpainting*

    -    t h e    s t u f f     y o u    s e e    i n    f r o n t    o f    y o u     -                                                                                                            JUNE MMI

     in concept:
by deviding the width and height of the wall by 7 [: the amount of colours];
by deviding the width and height of the wall by 8 [: the amount of spaces between the paintings]
a grid of lines arises; [click for visual]
this line-structure represents two lights flashing in different phases [: 1/7 and 1/8];  - 
the picture's visual content is not abstract; it's the recognition of a painting: an image in paint, canvas and frame

     in visuals:
the walls measurements define the size of the picture
the wall is besides carrier also visually part of the composition
on the fase-structure of lines a composition of monochrome colourfields is made
based upon personal logics and aesthetics of the designer

     in fact:
café -de Buurvrouw-, St. Pieterspoortsteeg 29 Amsterdam
has seen the premiere of WALLpainting* on it's presentation wall
sized 265 . 500 cm, from 14 june - 30 august 2001