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A thing is a thing, not what is said of that thing.

Marco Rump (1971)

works as an artist in Amsterdam since 1996.
My aim is to make the work of art free of meaning and find aesthetics in the intrinsic form. These works are made within the painting idiom on the basis of ideas that support the physical form of the painting, such as a limited color palette, simple logic in composition, and the methods by which the paint is applied. The goal is to let all elements refer to what the picture is in a formal sense, instead of communicating content. The finishing of the painting is an essential part of the work, with this design the works are signed.  Read on →

CMYK series: A palette of four colours systematically applied in strict formal compositions of hard edge colourfields with a rough edge of paint on the borders of the painting. The compositioins are either dynamic by the use of circles, parabolas and triangles or static by the use of squares.
F series: the phase concept forms the basis in these compositions. The edges of the painting form two echoes in the work. In a second series the mathematical graph of a phase is milled into the wooden panel. Monochrome acrylic paint is applied over the panel in many layers using a squeegee making a smooth surface with rough edges.
3D series: the emphasis lies here on the painting as an object in its 3 dimensions. Experimental research on carrier and paint make the final form of the painting. Composition is secondary to the experience of the work as a whole.