.pinxit : the painting as an autonomous object.
Marco Rump (1971) is an artist working in Amsterdam since mid 1996. This indexpage presents his paintings organised by theme in three lines.
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3.0.15 CMYK : A palette of four colours systematically applied in strict formal compositions of hard edge colourfields with a rough edge of paint on the borders of the painting. The compositioins are either dynamic by the use of circles, parabolas and triangles or static by the use of squares. →
3.f.14 F : the phase concept forms the basis in these compositions. The edges of the painting form two echoes in the work. In a second series the mathematical graph of a phase is milled into the wooden panel. Monochrome acrylic paint is applied over the panel in many layers using a squeegee making a smooth surface with rough edges. →
2.3.5 3D : the emphasis lies here on the painting as an object in its 3 dimensions. Experimental research on carrier and paint make the final form of the painting. Composition is secondary to the experience of the work as a whole. →
Paintings and sculptures produced during studies in 1995-96, the first line of hard-edge colourfield oilpaintings using the 7-colour palette and the Z-series where monochrome fades evenly over the length of the surface, painted in may layers of semi transparent paint. →
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