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On offer at the moment: a representation of paintings by Rump from the period 8-'96 to 8-'97, accompanied with titles, text and links...

And also: a representation of paintings and a supporting in Dutch written text by le Bon...

Still on offer: Expositie afstudeerders 95-96...
Marcel van Breda, Michaël Veerman, Arnoud van der Burg, Joram Amsdorf, Katja Kandelaars, Mathilde Loerts, Saskia Sengers, Amber de Bruyne, Bianca Jonker,
Sander Bongers, Börd & Wölt ceramics, Rump, Lèneke Vermeer, Sigrid Vendrig,
Danny Noordermeer, Maaike van de Gevel, Petra van Gulik, Rinske Dekker,
Ethan Bakker, Stella Zeijlmans en Erwin Timmerman.

This site presents a number of people that in Rump's opinion are worth checking out. Young people whom you can discover on Rump's website. Notice the relation between these and other works of art from all over the world; just follow the hyperlinks. Besides this you can find a representation of RUMP¬PINXIT works. To give feedback or link suggestions you can e-mail:

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Thanks toWLFRW L F R and everybody else who helped creating this site.